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Residential & Commercial Products

Custom Bedspreads

Handmade with the highest grade fabrics, our custom bedspreads are designed to last for years.

  • Custom-measured and manufactured to fit any mattress size and depth

  • Select fitted or throw-over style

  • Choose from hundreds of deluxe fabrics

  • Quilt custom sewn in your choice of pattern. Select from our list or design your own pattern

  • A durable yet aesthetically pleasing solution

  • Opt for a lightweight quilt option, perfect for warmer climates

  • A dedicated designer to help you through the process


Custom Doona / Duvet Covers

As a cornerstone of beds in the diverse Australian climate, our custom doona / duvet covers level up your sleep.

  • Custom-measured and manufactured to fit any size of mattress

  • A doona insert that is customised to fit perfectly within its cover

  • A sturdy, easy-to-use zip opening

  • Expertly finished edges - flanged, with binding and piped detail to whatever design you choose

  • Luxury quality that you can both feel and see

  • A dedicated designer to help you through the process

Custom Coverlets

As the perfect hybrid between bedspreads and quilt covers, our custom coverlets allow your stunning pillows and cushions to take centre stage.


  • Custom-sized to fit mattresses of any size and depth

  • Each coverlet is supplied with a custom doona insert that is manufactured to fit inside seamlessly

  • A high-quality zip opening that is hard-wearing and easy to use

  • Expertly finished edges - choose from flanged, binding, piped any other detail that you like

  • Quality that you can both feel and see

  • A dedicated designer to help you through the process

b DSC06792.jpg

Custom Sheet Sets

There’s no better feeling than sleeping on soft, high-end quality bedsheets every night. Better yet, our custom sheet sets are designed to last.


  • Crafted from our plush bamboo sheeting fabric

  • Sumptuously soft and silky texture

  • Breathable and hypoallergenic

  • Moisture and sweat-wicking abilities. Inherently anti-bacterial

  • Custom-measured and made to fit any shape or size mattress

  • Add your touch of bespoke detail with custom-embroidery

  • Can be trimmed in a colour to coordinate seamlessly with your bedding

Decorative Pillowcases

Nothing feels more luxurious than decorative pillowcases that are crafted from indulgent fabrics and finished with bespoke edges.

  • Mix and match with your bedspread / duvet

  • Quality zipped closures that are easy to use

  • Expertly finished edges - choose from flanged, binding, piped any other detail that you like

  • Add your own personal touch with custom embroidery


Custom Cushions

  • Perfect for any interior spaces including in the bedroom and living areas

  • Coordinate with your chosen bedspread / duvet

  • Adorn your bed for a cosy feeling

  • Add bespoke details including fringes, piping, edging contrast or monochromatic touches

  • Select from hundreds of unique, elegant fabrics

Our standard sizes: 40x40 cushion, 45x45 cushion, 50x50 cushion, 60x60 European cushion, 50x30 feature cushion, 60x40 decorative cushion. We also custom manufacture to your desired size.

Custom Cushion Inserts

Your new decorative throw cushions also need inserts. We supply both cushion covers and inserts as a package or, inserts on their own.

  • Fibre ball filling

  • Designed to foster airflow

  • Fibre filling that mitigates possible mould or smells more efficiently

  • High-performing and long-lasting

  • Crafted to keep their shape

  • Feather fill or feather / fibre fill is also available


Custom Throws

Throw blankets give a comforting feeling when draped over your bed or for brisk evenings in the living areas.


  • Adds another layer of cosiness

  • Soft and cosy to the touch

  • Offers a sense of relaxed styling

  • Choose from hundreds of fabric options

  • Versatile for many uses

Custom Runners

Our runners are custom-measured and made for your bed or table. Runners are the perfect finishing touch for beds and keep your bedspread or duvet protected.


  • A more formal statement

  • Makes any space look neat

  • Another opportunity to add a splash of colour, pattern and texture to your space

b DSC06761.jpg
X DSC00178.jpg

Custom Placemats,

Table Runners, Tablecloths

& Fitted Table Covers

Add the final touch to your interior or exterior dining area with placemats, runners and tablecloths. Better yet, these finishes match the mood of your interior decor.

  • Protect your beautiful tabletops

  • A popular choice with many of our clients

  • Can be custom-sized to fit any tabletop

  • Impress your guests at your next dinner party

Custom Exterior Cushions

  • Choose from an extensive range of outdoor fabrics

  • Designed specifically for outdoor environments

  • Made to withstand sun, salt, sea, chlorine and Australian conditions

  • Modernise your outdoor dining and lounge areas with soft touches​​

    Our standard sizes: 50x50 cushion, 45x45 cushion, 60x60 European cushion, 50x30 feature cushion. We also custom manufacture to your desired size.

a DSC07860.jpg

Custom Embroidery

No matter which soft furnishing you choose for your home, we embroider it all.
From bed sheets to cushions and interior to exterior, our custom embroidery is crafted to last a lifetime.


Judy Pereira



Interior Soft Furnishings, curtains, bedding, valances, cushions & custom jobs



"I cant speak highly enough of the team at Rheingold. The willingness to help create our vision, regardless of how challenging, is done with enthusiasm and the skilled workmanship of the team.

Whilst the quality of work is our highest priority so is the smooth transition from ordering to installation, keeping us updated on fabric arrivals and management always delivering a professional on - time service."

"Our projects are often very detailed .. it was important for us to work with a workroom that understands our high level of attention to detail and who consistently delivers a high end product."

Are you an interior designer, builder or developer?

We work intimately with many design professionals and we would love to work alongside you.

Our personable approach means we're able to craft custom soft furnishings for your clients and projects, swiftly and reliably.

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